Clean Touch Administrative Services

Clean Touch Administrative services was registered in 2002 and we started operating in March 2007. Our organisation uses a holistic approach to get to grips with the myriad of problems that affect the community. We are based in Orange Farm in Gauteng. The organization was founded by a group of concerned young people within the community, after witnessing the community perishing due to the lack of knowledge and resources. They decided to team up, with one common goal of making a difference, by educating the community about the pandemic HIV/AIDS. A community research was carried out during campaigns, it revealed that people were dying as a result of  HIV/AIDS  and opportunistic infections.

The children are left helpless, orphaned and vulnerable. As a result, some households are child-headed households, lacking guardianship. A Home-based care program was established in 2007 to look after the sick elderly people. In 2008 a program was initiated to look after orphans and vulnerable children and which in turn led us to see a need to have a youth program that assists youth in skills development.